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Have you ever been in a situation where you could have sworn that other people were just using your personal conversation without asking? Or have you ever felt so embarrassed by something someone has said to you, that it makes it difficult to talk with them? I have found a really great way to avoid these embarrassing moments. And, if someone does happen to be talking about you or embarrassing things that happened with a friend of yours, this will get them off your back.The Folk Nation Knowledge G Pledge is an easy way for any one person to commit themselves only speaking the truth. The pledge states that you will only talk about other people in an honest manner. You can't lie or make things seem better than they are. If you do lie, the only way to get out of it is if someone else calls you on it. Once you are called on lying, the conversation should end immediately.The main reason to take this pledge is to protect your self-esteem. You don't want to be stuck talking about something that your friend or neighbor might not be happy with hearing about or reading about as an article in a newspaper or as a comment on your Facebook page. It may cause all kinds of rumors and confusion as well as hurt feelings and embarrassment for everyone involved. Taking the pledge is easy. Just start talking about another person. Say things like, "Well, my friend Kate was planning on going to the mall with her mom today but she didn't go because her parents are getting a divorce." That's it! You are finished. No matter what the other person says, you are done! If someone else calls you out on lying you can say, "Oh no honey, I was telling the truth!" It's up to them to prove it. If they can't or refuse to call you out then they will have to accept that their only option is that you were telling the truth and that any rumors or comments made about them were wrong.

This pledge is not just to be taken by high school students. It is for anyone who wants to practice the truth. I know that adults will be able to learn this skill too because I have seen it done before. People will be able to see how this pledge works for you and they might take it themselves.I learned about this pledge from my English class at school. We read an article called "Homeric Folk-Lore" written by Alexander Hammond in 1916. He had used this pledge to help his father and others in their community with rumors that were being spread about them. He basically tells the story of his father and how he had used this pledge with the people in his community. The way it works is that if someone is spreading lies about you, you can call them out on it by saying: "If what you say is true, then I will stand before the Council and amend my words." If they say that it is true and they don't want to stand before the council, they have to prove it by having another person vouch for them so they can stick to their lie instead of telling the truth.


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